Emerald Reign (H)

50/50 Hybrid

Fire OG x Emerald Diesel

True to its name, Emerald Reign buds have bright emerald green colored, medium-sized Christmas tree-shaped nugs with fiery orange hairs and bright almost clear trichomes. Emerald Reign is a velvety smooth smoke every time making it easy to enjoy. Immediately after smoking this bud, you will feel a deeply relaxing effect with a slightly cerebral euphoric energy that inspires creativity well staying relaxed. The strain is a hybrid developed by the California Breeders Association. By combining the Fire OG and Emerald Diesel strains, they created Emerald Reign. A smooth and reliable OG strain, one that manages to deviate from the more traditional OG strains. Emerald Reign is an excellent example of this. That rich, vibrant aroma and flavor of the OG strain family is as much a hallmark as its long-lasting effects. However, just because it has OG in the lineage does not mean it is like every other version. Instead of just intense flower-like aromas, there is a significant amount of citrus. You should still taste a lot of earthiness, and its kushy flavor is pleasant. It is a strain that offers hints of citrus coupled with a floral scent that is exceptionally alluring. Experienced users will likely appreciate the earthy tones, too.

THC: 18.03%


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