Nature’s High | Hard Sweets/Chewy Bites – 100mg

Our Nature’s High edibles are made for everyday snacking and enjoying. They’re a perfect sidekick for a laid back hike, paddle, or hang.


  • Dark Chocolate with Orange & Almond

    A mix of decadence, citrus sweetness, and a savory finish. Smooth dark chocolate with crunchy almonds and zesty orange, topped with sea salt.

  • White Chocolate Raspberry & Pistachio

    A smooth, lightly sweet and crunchy treat. Creamy white chocolate paired with tart raspberry and crushed pistachios.

  • Lemon Lime Sugar Expressions

    Easy, breezy, never-stuck-in-your teeth hard candy enjoyment. Zesty lemon mixes with tart lime in these tasty, long-lasting confections.

  • Strawberry Mango Sugar Expressions

    With unique and delicious flavor combinations, combined with just the right balance of THC, these select edibles are sure to please. The flavor is sweet strawberry blended with tangy mango for a juicy, long-lasting tropical fruit flavor

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