Electric Dab Nail, No torch or butane needed just plug it in, let it heat up to desired temperature and dab away. Commonly referred to as “electronic nails,” e-nails have been around for several years now, coming into existence shortly after the cannabis concentrate scene began taking off. With an e-nail, dabbers can simply turn the unit on, set a desired temperature, and wait for the unit to indicate that it has reached said temperature before dabbing an unlimited amount of times without worrying about heat variability of any kind. E-nails function by providing an added level of control to the dabber, allowing them to use their rigs optimally to deliver consistent results. The technology behind the electronic nail is simple. Units are typically comprised of a controller box which delivers heat through a coil that connects directly with the nail itself. These boxes allow for the controlled manipulation of temperature to the nail, granting its user the ability to regulate heat to their rig with the touch of a button.

Includes : 1 Control Box, 1 Titanium Nail, 1 Charging Cord, 1 Heating Cord


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