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Frosted Leaf Strain Brain I

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What is the difference between hash oil, shatter and wax other than the consistency? First off oil, wax, & shatter are all BHO extracted and some will say none is any better than the other. Its all personal preference really. Hash oil usually comes in syringes, or cartridges for vape pens, etc. Shatter (as shown) Read More

Frosted Leaf made a huge statement at the 4th Annual SNOWDOWN SIA kick off show held on January 30th at the Fillmore Auditorium. Check out the video below and see how we did 🙂

All of the naysayers waiting for the demise of Colorado’s recreational marijuanamarket have just lost a billion dollar bet. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper presented a budget proposal on Wednesday that predicts the state’s newfound stoner commerce is set to generate $1 billion in sales before the summer of 2015. Sadly, the governor has a “cause and cure” mentality, Read More