Frosted Leaf Retail Marijuana Store is Located at 445 Federal Blvd in Denver Colorado. Frosted Leaf provides Cannabis Products and Top Marijuana Strains. Frosted Leaf has the Largest Selection of Concentrates including D-wax shatter, BHO Shatter, Nug Run Shatter, Crumble, Wax, Hash, Hash oil and CO2 oil, Infused Products like CBD oils, tinctures, THC Infused Drinks, cookies, brownies, Read More

Frosted Leaf has HUGE Shatter Deals. 3 Grams Combo Packs starting at $150… While supplies last Check out our specials on the Frosted Leaf Self Serve where you can order online and pay pickup in store. Current Frosted Leaf Shatter Strains: Absolute Durban Poison Shatter, Banana ’99 Shatter, Banana Kush NUG RUN Shatter, Blue Gorilla D-Wax Read More

July 28th @ Frosted Leaf Purple Dream & Jack Flash $10g – $30 1/8th Frosted Leaf Purple Dream                  

Pre ’98 Bubba Kush x Chemdog This Colorado-born cross has a roasted coffee-chocolate aroma familar to the lineage of Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Heavily influenced by the Chemdog genetics, this Kush is a Indica dominant strain that is sure to satisfy those looking for a potent smoke. One of our best sellers! Frosted Leaf Strain 303 Read More

Frosted Leaf Strain Chem 4 in Denver. Recreational Marijuana in Denver. Frosted Leaf Dispensary on Federal and 4th. Frosted Leaf Strain Chem 4

Frosted Leaf Edibles Sour Gummi Bears by Edipure Frosted Leaf Edible Sour Gummi

Frosted Leaf Edibles Red Fish By Edipure Frosted Leaf Strain Red Fish

Frosted Leaf Strain Burkle Frosted Leaf Strain Burkle In Denver

Frosted Leaf Strain Jack Flash

Frosted Leaf Rainbow Belts Edibles by Edipure 100mg Frosted Leaf Rainbow Belts Edibles by Edipure  

Frosted Leaf Strain Flo in Denver Order Flo Online and then Pick up at Federal and 4th Frosted Leaf Strain Flo

Frosted Leaf Strain Bubba Kush. New Strain in Denver. Frosted Leaf Dispensary   Frosted Leaf Bubba Kush Bubba Kush is a sweet, earthy indica strain with genetics traced back to the Hindu Kush landrace strains

Frosted Leaf Strain SR-71 Brand New Strain Strawberry Cough x Jilly Bean SR-71 is crossed with one of 2007 high times top ten strains, Jilly Bean and the infamous Strawberry Cough. It’s been described to leave you with a nice sativa buzz that will lift your spirits, great for daytime use. Frosted Leaf Strain SR71

Frosted Leaf Strain Girl Scouts Cookies Frosted Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

Frosted Leaf Strain Blue Dream Frosted Leaf Strain Blue Dream

Frosted Leaf Strain Lemon Sour Diesel NOW available. Frosted Leaf Strain Lemon

Just in time for Summer, we will now be open from 8am-7pm everyday of the week! Whether you need to stop in before work, or wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we’ll be open for your convenience. This is a great time for early birds to shop, missing the afternoon rush. Order Read More